Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bottled Joy Review

I just got a new water bottle from Bottled Joy! They gave it me at a discount to review, so I'm here to tell you why I love this water bottle!! I was very happy with the quality of the bottle, as it doesn't scratch throughout normal use. Even the bite valve can withstand the pressure I put on it. It's a great bottle that comes in cute colors, and works just as well as a Camelback. I use this water bottle everyday and would highly recommend it. The only problem I have with it is that it collects condensation, but this happens to most water bottles. My laptop can't find a picture right now, but seriously check out these water bottles on Amazon! I was very impressed, and know you will be too! #bitevalve

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Legit Sample Sites

I've personally gone through way too many spam websites looking for free samples, so here's a list of actual websites that will send you free samples!

1. Influentser. This was the first website I joined a few years ago. They will send you emails to qualify for VoxBoxes, which usually contain a few products! They have been my number one favorite forever, and will always be.

2. CrowdTap. I recently discovered this website and I LOVE it. You get points for interacting with brands on the site, and can redeem these points for Amazon gift cards. On top of that, you can apply to sample products!

3. BzzAgent. Another site I recently joined. So far I have only gotten one box, but the site seems worth my time and is based on quality reviews, not quantity.

4. Smiley360. They will email you if new missions come up that you may qualify for! Worth signing up for sure.

5. PinchMe. Claim samples and put them in your "box" on Sample Tuesday. Samples go quickly, but it's still a good website to use.

6. Social Nature. I have yet to recieve anything from this website, but they seem like a great company focused on connecting you with new organic products. Love their message.

Besides using these websites, you can always email your favorite companies and ask for coupons or samples. You can also enter giveaways; my fave website for that is! Comment below if you need any help with freebies.

Thrifty Teens

Ok, is it just me or do all the money saving blogs focus on families and children? That's really awesome, but I'm hoping to find more people around my age to bond over great deals with! Can't wait to start posting. Comment if you would like me to follow your blog! Here's what I want my dorm wall to look like, will post when I'm done!

About me

Hey guys, I'm Alyssa and I'm a sophomore at Louisiana State University. College is expensive, so I created this blog to keep track of my money saving tips and share them with you guys! This is basically a lifestyle blog in which I post ways to save money without the hassle of printing out coupons, and how to try out new products in exchange for reviews. I'm new to the blogging world so please support my blog! Thanks guys.